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 selling BOOKS and VINYL LP Records and 45s, CDs, COMICS, DVDs, postcards, pamphlets, magazines, pictures 

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Welcome to the home of Melanie Nelson Books.  We are pleased to offer more than 7000 books for sale online- adding more books regularly.  We have personally selected the books over 35 years in business.  We try to describe each book so you will recognize it if you have ever seen it -- and if you have never seen it you can still picture it.
We tell you clearly if a book is exlibrary,  tell you if a book has a dust jacket and the condition of that dust jacket.  We enclose dust jackets in new Brodart mylar covers before shipping.  We send scans upon request, and we will always try to answer questions.
We ship by US Postal Service.  Each book is in a plastic bag against moisture,  then paper for initial padding,  then in corregated cardboard which we buy in large rolls.  Each package includes delivery confirmation. Prices listed are for book only, shipping needs to be added. 
Please search or browse our inventory of hard to find, out of print, used, and rare books. 

Our Mailing Address:
Melanie Nelson Books
PO Box 209
2710 Route 9
Livingston, NY 12541
United States

[email protected]
tel- 518 537 5027
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Also visit our roadside BOOK SHACK!


From Hudson Valley magazine, September 2014--"READER'S RETREAT- In an age in which chain bookstores and popular Web sites are taking over the book business, it is rare indeed to see a small handwritten sign hawking "books ahead" on the side of a major roadway.. . .  The "shack" is composed of several sheds and cottages in which used and out-of-print books, along with classical and vintage LPs, DVDs, maps, and postcards are arranged by category. The well-thought-out collection of approximately 20,000 titles is continually being tweaked by owner Melanie Nelson. . . . Open weekends during the summer (or by request) there's more than a little bit for everyone at this charming spot."


From http://www.onadimeadventure.com/ 5/29/2014 posting by site owner Teri who stopped here after attending a graduation at nearby Bard College:  "If you are ever in Livingston, NY and driving lazily along Route 9, watch for a little red shack.  When you spot it, park on the grass and get the heck out of the car because you are in for the finest adventure on a dime there ever was."   "...and in addition to the quaint buildings overflowing with books was a tag sale..."   "If you are a record collector, be prepared to suffer serious danger of nostalgia overload..."

From the HUSON RIVER SAMPLER newspaper, Columbia County, NY,  September 2013 issue "Exciting new expansions have been taking place at the LITTLE RED BOOK SHACK, and it was already a popular destination for a growing number of fans.....If you need a unique gift for someone, this is a great place to get it....It's just got something interesting for everyone....There is no schlock here- the books are selected, not just taken in at random.  It's a well-thought-out classic mix of quality books.  The books are filed  in categories.    You will want to visit the LITTLE RED BOOK SHACK to experience it for yourself and take your friends and children.  It is a unique place of ever expandng treasures.  Park on the circular driveway or on the lawn and browse away to your heart's content."   

From Michael Fremer's website http://www.analogplanet.com/, his posting dated September 18, 2013:   "An email arrived in my inbox a few days ago from a friend about a 6000 classical LP collection that had recently arrived at Melanie Nelson's LITTLE RED BOOK SHACK in the small Columbia County, NY town of Livingston. ...I contacted Ms. Nelson and today drove up to inspect the collection....What I found was 6000 records that had clearly been collected by two older gentlemen who had begun collection at the dawn of the mono LP era......That said, there were hundreds if not thousands of great stereo records worth buying, many of which I already owned.......like the Solti Beethoven Symphony London box set and the Ashkenazy Beethoven Piano Concerto set on London.    Had I not already amassed a very large classical collection I could have built a pretty good one from what I found,  though there were no collectible records----- at least based on what I knew.  And I'm sure more schooled classical collector could have pulled hundreds of performances from among the 6000 records that I hadn't a clue. "

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No "Business as Usual" right now

Starting April 18, all shopping will be Self Service -- in the buildings, music room, and porch.  

You shop and then pay at the table on the porch where I usually sit.  Signs will remind you of prices -- I'll be  inside that window and may wave or speak thru the glass. Bring small bills or check, no change will be available.

Wear your mask and keep a safe distance from other shoppers.

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Shop any afternoon-- noon to 5pm.  The buildings are unlocked, if lights are not on, find the light switch.

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There are 7 rooms of books in the buildings, plus kids shed plus music room plus porch-- please spread out.  

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-- so closing date not known yet.

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Stay safe.

I will look forward to chatting with you all again after the virus is subdued,  Melanie   


(-NOTE buildings DO have a/c for summer -- but NO HEAT for the winter)

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See Video tour of the "Little Red Shack" on from Panda TV 23

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About the Book Shack ----  the original LITTLE RED BOOK SHACK,  and  the WHITE COTTAGE ANNEX  a few steps away, and the BIOGRAPHY SHED.  And opening 2013 The Kids Shed - AND starting September 2013 a 5th area --- 20 foot square room for vinyl. 20,000 used books for sale in the 3 room shack and  3 rooms cottage, and the large Biography Shed, and the Kids Shed.   And the Vinyl Room includes about 10,000 vinyl records, LP and 45s, CDs, classical and modern music, movie and Broadway scores, jazz corner, spoken word records, books about music and about dance, and sheet music. 

Books are shelved by topic- maps of buildings and topics are posted.


all Hardcover books $1.00,     all paperbacks --50 cents each


Pamphlets,  post cards,  audio books,  maps, pretty little gift books, everything in Kids Shed -- priced 25 cents each


DVD, CD, pictures, comics, journals and other books you write in, and vintage kids books 1880s-1970s, vintage newspapers --50 cents each

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The buildings are restocked weekly, all books shelved by subject, some subjects alphabetical by author, history is shelved approximately chronological.

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And check out the FREE SECTION-- the south end of the covered porch, at the main house,  and check out the small section of always changing yard-sale type items.


Park right up on the grass near the Book Shack when you visit us.


AGAIN -- Stay Safe and Healthy